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Band Members

Jackson Redd - Singer/Guitarist
Matt Morse - Guitarist
Jeffrey Peplinski - Bassist
Aaron Hawley - Drummer


Alternative Rock


Augusta, Georgia


Label, PR, Bookings

Founded in 2017 from the remains of several Augusta-based bands, Willess jumped headlong into a career of questionable rock and roll activity. After a three-year stint fronting funk band Lemontwist, lead vocalist Jackson Redd met former Mothalickas guitarist Matt Morse and a spark of musical creativity was ignited. Joined by drummer Aaron Hawley, and later, by bassist Jeff Peplinski, the band began vigorously writing original material and honing its skills on the Georgia bar-scene.

Combining influences from artists as diverse as the Doors and Weezer, the band’s material places a modern twist on mid-1990’s alternative rock flavors. These artists, along with numerous others, have continued to provide a solid backbone for the band’s recent works, especially with regards to its upcoming releases.

After cutting its first record, the EP Young Hopes and Old Memories with former Collective Soul guitarist Ross Childress, the band continued to play numerous shows across the southeast in cities such as Tallahassee, Columbia, and Atlanta. Continuing its mission of releasing new material, Willess released its second recording A Little Closer in late 2019; the single and its corresponding music video garnered a respectable following on streaming sites such as Spotify, introducing the band to new and diverse audiences around the globe.

There is still much left in store for Willess, with new recordings planned for release in late-2020 and more live performances scheduled throughout the year.

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