Hi everyone!  I'm Jason Yarrow, the A&R and Band Submissions Director for Bandivious.  I am also a professional musician (guitar and bass) and like most of you, I've played in several bands and have spent countless hours working on the music and trying to balance family responsibilities, working a day job and promoting my bands.  It is a very difficult challenge just to make great music.  But, combining work, family and promoting the music....it's unforgiving.

So, to alleviate the promotional responsibilities, my bands often hired a PR company, and, it could be expensive.  


That is why Bandivious appealed to me;  Bandivious offered a ton of promotion to all the bands they work with for very little $.  They will also work with your current PR company, if you have one, as an adjunct to what they do for you.  And, they are an organization made up of musicians and music fans who treat the bands like family, not a dollar sign.  So, when they offered me the opportunity to join them, I jumped at the opportunity.  


So, with all that said,


All you bands .....how many hours a day, week or month are YOU putting in to promote your band, your music, your social media?  How many other hours are you working a day job?  How about family responsibilities?  Think about it.  It's a lot to balance.  And, it's valuable time lost. Time away from your music and your family.  And there's a dollar value on that time lost and an emotional value. 

That's why we're here with Bandivious, to help give you back a lot of that time. We'll do a lot of the grunt work for you and your band. You continue to make your music and watch your fans and followers increase every day and your social media grow.

Not sure if all of you are aware but there are tons of amazing rock bands out there who are so close to becoming household names. We are here at Bandivious and Tru Rock Revival Magazine to help these bands (you) become those household names. Hit us up. I'm busy searching and finding a lot of you every day as part of my responsibilities with Bandivious and Tru Rock, but help me too. Show us your magic!  Show me your magic!

Let's get a lot of you on Bandivious, and now, on Bandivious Radio and Bandivious Play, too. It's really a no brainier. No contracts, month to month, stay on as long as you like or cancel whenever you like, very affordable at $14.99, charity driven, as we automatically give 30% each month to a charity of your band's choice. We promote the hell out of all of you and we love doing it.  You know, Tru Rock Revival Magazine now has over 1.1 million readers a month and over 610,000 opt-in subscribers?  You will be promoted to all of them (that's a lot of eyes and ears) and you'll be featured in Tru Rock Revival as a full interview.  And, this interview goes out to our over 1500  global media partners, including labels, management and tour organizers. 

You'll have one of your songs always featured on Bandivious Radio where over 200,000 people, globally, tune in to listen each month.  And, you'll have your own band's playlist in Bandivious Play, featuring all of your band's songs and linked to sites where your fans and followers can further share and purchase your music and merch.

In Tru Rock Revival Magazine, our "New Rock Video" page gets over 250,000 visitors a month by itself. You will have an original band video on that page. You'll also be a featured interview in Tru Rock Revival Magazine. Seriously, all this, plus targeted promo to over 250,000 music fans and industry execs each month. Again, you are not signing a contract with Bandivious. Your contract will be with your PR, mngmt and labels, not us. Our commitment is to help get your band noticed.

You're also being charitable.  Each month, 30% of the $14.99, we give to a charity of your band's choice, automatically. And we do so excitedly. 

Bandivious is here to help bring that balance to your life, save you time and money and let you focus on your music!

Bring it!   Register now!

Once registered and accepted, we can have your page live within 24 hours.

Keep making the great music!