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What do you get for $14.99 per month and no contract to sign?


1. Your band gets listed in Bandivious by city, state, genre (style), and in alphabetical order. 

2. Your band gets 2 full pages in Bandivious, including: your band photos, videos, social media links, mp3's, tour schedule (if you have one), and contact information. 

3. Yes, widespread global exposure - since our affiliates are also international.  Bandivious is directly linked to Tru Rock Revival Magazine; which has over 1 million monthly viewers, over 600,000 subscribers, and major industry PR and labels who read the site each month. NOTE: Our partnerships also include: Publicists, Management, Record Labels and Music Executives in the Music industry. 

4. Your band will be included in the Bandivious App, and as a new member, you will be on the "featured band" page of the APP for the entire FIRST month of your initial registration. We want people to see and hear your band right away.

5. Your band automatically gives to charity once you sign up. That just feels rocking!  30% of all monthly fees, paid to Bandivious, benefits Parkinson’s research. This is a cause close to our hearts when so many, young and old, are affected by it every year.

6. Twice a month, we will feature selected bands from Bandivious on Tru Rock Revival Magazine’s live stream show, Tru Rock Live.

7. Access to the Social Feature on the Bandivious app, where you can add new friends, fans and contacts and post and share anything you like, including upcoming shows. 

8.  Access to the Photo Gallery feature on the Bandivious app, where you can add your own photos and links.

9.  Our team of professional musicians and industry professionals will review your music and provide you with feedback.  Most A&R companies charge hundreds of dollars for this service.  This is included in your membership.

​10. Every week, we will be sending the Bandivious link to hundreds of live music venues across the country and internationally where they can hear your music and see your videos and all social media​​​​​.


11.  Every 2 weeks, we will be sending a mass email to all 500,000 of our subscribers with the link for Bandivious. 

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