"After joining the ranks of Bandivious, not only have we seen how important the exposure is, we have felt more like family than a partner. If there's a company that will do what it can to help out artists of all sizes, Bandivious can crush the task."


William Baker, Hollow Intent

"When it comes to finding those great new bands, music fans, music execs, and publicists love it!  Bandivious has nailed it!  In the immortal words of the band Saliva, "Click Click Boom!" 


- South Florida Sun Sentinel -

"The proof is in the logistics.  Bandivious not only delivered what they promised, they go above and beyond to help promote bands like mine and all the other incredible bands you'll find here in Bandivious.  My band and I don't have the time to be playing with our social media all the time.  We're a band, we make music.  We can't do doing promo and music. That's why we love Bandivious.  Affordable as hell and they f*ck'n delivered!" 

Rob Fornier, Sordid Fable

"Guys, Little Triggers has had nearly 600 streams of Bang each of the last five days which is higher than any other day. We were averaging around 450 so an increase of 150 streams a day. Looks like most were from the US."

Thanks for your support,

Bill (Little Triggers)

"Bandivious have been awesome about promoting our band and constantly sending out press blasts to keep the streams rolling. If you are a new band looking for great support without blowing the bank, Kreig and his team should be your go to!!!"

E.J. Petry (Evandale)

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