Stoned Ape Theory

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Holton, Ks

Band Members

Michiel Ford - Vocals

Jordan Moseley - Guitar

Brett Dallman - Guitar/Drums 

Brett Branam - Bass



Brett Hestla Productions.


Hard Rock

Stoned Ape Theory was founded by Jordan Moseley and Michiel Ford in 2017 primarily as a cover band in the Topeka, Ks area. As they progressed into writing originals, they developed a unique sound and style that highlighted the many influences of the band while standing out on its own.

Brett Dallman joined the band in the Fall of 2019 and brought another perspective and layer of guitars to the group. These three became the main writing force of the band and developed a great chemistry quickly! SAT has a grungy, Hard Rock sound with elements of Numetal and Rock/Rap infused into the band. Ford's intense vocals brings the energy to the music and really creates the SAT sound. The group joined up with Brett Branam on bass guitar and went to record their first 3 Song EP at Brett Hestla Productions in Nashville, Tn in March 2020.


SATs writing centers around calling out humanities fake BS and hate towards each other.  "In order for us to move forward in this world we need to elevate above all the petty thoughts."


SAT has a high energy live show and they look forward to the opportunity of growing their fan base wherever possible.

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