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Band Members

James Trogdon - Vocals
Brandon Gobble - Drums
Reese Furr - Guitars
Thushara Lankananda - Guitars
Andrew Dubiel - Bass




Raleigh, North Carolina


Publicist, Bookings

Noxus is a heavy metal band based out of Raleigh, North Carolina that focuses on blending a unique sound of melodic and metal influences.

Noxus began back in 2016 when drummer Brandon Gobble and guitarist Reese Furr met at a Guitar Center in Charlotte, NC by chance. They quickly realized they had a great working chemistry and sought band members that would match their chemistry. Later that year, they met vocalist James Trogdon and they quickly developed their own sound from the vast array of influences they had.

In June of 2017, they released their debut single "Through the Storm," which showed a blend of their melodic death metal, thrash, and groove metal roots. Continuing as a three piece, the band recorded their debut EP, “Red Sun Horizon,”which was released in September of 2019. Red Sun Horizon encompassed the band’s multiple artistic styles all in one. Wanting more, they found their other guitarist, Thushara Lankananda, and bassist, Drew Dubiel to fill in the void.

Starting to make themselves known, they played their debut show at Carolina Uprising Music Festival in October 2019, that showcased extraordinary artists such as Crobot and Jeff Hardy. The band is now working on their full length album set to be released in 2021.

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