Mature Musical Pictures

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Live Band Members

Lead Vocals - Bryant August

Guitar/Vocals - Steven Atchison

Bass/Vocals - Jack Conor

Guitars - Felipe Gardina

Drums - Dean Andrews

Recording Studio Affiliates

Bryant August - Lyrics, Vocals, Song Arrangements, Guitars

Brett Hestla - Productions, Bass, Guitars

Zhach Kelsch - Drums and Drum Arrangements 





Mature Musical Pictures (“MMP” for short) is a hard rock band based out of Fort Myers AND Orlando Florida.
MMP’s sound is influenced by Dark New Day, Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, Eye Empire, Chevelle,
Stone Sour, Filter, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Godsmack, Shinedown, and Evans Blue, to name a few…


High-energy hard rock music with melodic, catchy riffs and vocals. Lead singer Bryant August is the leader of this music project taking on the guitar arrangements, lyrics, and vocal melodies. Joining Bryant on studio recordings is Zhach Kelsch on drums, and Brett Hestla on Bass/Guitars/Productions.

On July 4 th 2020 was the release of “Below the Line” album that was recorded and produced with Brett Hestla.  Prior to the release of the NEW 10 song album, multiple singles were released to anticipate the July 4th release.  Featured artists were included on songs from the record. Drones (feat. Brett Hestla), Ghost Me (feat. Regis Lima)  from VOXX Band, and My Own Life (feat. Black Oxygen) “David Lyle” on Vocals. A Rock cover song  of the popular  Alan Walker “Faded” is on the album. The Hit single and Rock Ballad called “One” quickly increased on rock charts during album pre-sales.

Year to Date in 2020, MMP has 5.2K streams on Apple Music, and combined views over 22K on YouTube lyric
videos with the release of multiple singles anticipating the “Below The Line” album.

2020 Live performances included opening for international bands such as “Tantric” in Orlando, FL.

MMP’s live band lineup is Bryant August – Lead Vocals, Steven Atchison - Guitars/Vocals, Jack Conor –
Bass/Vocals, Felipe Gardina – Guitars, and Dean Andrews, Jr. – Drums.

In 2017, MMP released the album “Resiliency” which contained 12 Rock songs. The album was side A and Side B (Electric and Acoustic). The recording and production was done with producer Brett Hestla (Dark New Day, Creed and Virgos Merlot).

MMP plans on performing live in the future.

MMP is Endorsed by Maverick Apparel Company.

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