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Hard Rock


Athens, Georgia


Press Contact

US & Canada: TAG Publicity: Tom George

UK/Europe: TAG Publicity UK: Natalie Conwary

Band Members

John Strickland - Lead Vox/Rhythm Guitar

Daniel Binnie - Lead Guitar

Roy “Ray” Beatty -  Bass/Vox

Joe Wilson - Drums/Vox


For more than a decade, alt rockers lullwater have been blazing their way to the top of the industry thanks to their gritty, southern-infused sound and straight-up, raw performances. Formed in 2007 in athens, ga, the foursome was born from the indelible mark that the godfathers of grunge left on music. The convergence of this inspiration, mixed with a healthy helping of swagger, defines this critically acclaimed alternative rock band.

The group released its self-titled debut in 2012 to rave reviews and were immediately invited to join some of the biggest tours that same year. Since that time, lullwater has spent the majority of their career on the road sharing the stage with a-list acts like candlebox, theory of a deadman, flyleaf, passafire, amaranthe, and butcher babies. The band subsequently released their sophomore, and arguably even better, album 'revival' in 2015. "with the throttle wide open and the gas pedal to the floor, lullwater rips it into overdrive on their solid heavy-hitting powerhouse of an album, revival...few deliver anything but watered down versions of those who influenced them from the past. Lullwater is the exception as they have crafted something with passion, drive, determination and honesty." - national rock review.

In 2017, lullwater released 'the seattle sessions', an ep of live in-studio recordings of some of their best tracks, recorded at seattle's famed london bridge studios. The ep also showcased the band's cover of pearl jam's "release", which has received high praise from fans and musicians alike.

Currently, lullwater has just finished recording their new album (slated for a spring 2018 release), produced by sweden's jakob herrmann (anthrax, machine head, amaranthe). Continually pushing the boundaries musically and artistically, the band promises a "bigger, more intricate & layered" digitally-recorded sound, unlike their previous analog-recorded releases. Frontman john strickland explains, "the new album will sound like us and be true to our rock roots. We're not looking to reinvent ourselves—but, just as we've grown, so has our writing. And it's much more personal – we've had a tumultuous two years since we released revival and that is reflected in the music. Not that the songs will be all doom and gloom. But they'll definitely convey a depth that will expose us in a way that our fans haven't seen yet.”

So what’s next for the band that has paved its own way by making no compromises or concessions? New music, lots of touring, and a commitment to delivering shows that blow the roof off every night.

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