Paul Karcz - Vocals
Joe Kopecky - Guitars
Scott Christopher - Drums
Tony Lentz - Bass Guitar


Hard Rock / Alternative Metal

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Formed in 2012, Imperial Fall is an American hard rock/metal band that hails from the streets of Southeastern Wisconsin. Coining the term and referring to themselves as “Ghetto Metal,” Imperial Fall delivers an impressive punch to the face with a fistful of attitude and aggression. Comprised of lead vocalist Paul Karcz, guitarist Joe Kopecky, drummer Scott Christopher and bassist Tony Lentz, Imperial Fall delves into new sonic territory. Consciously exploring the boundaries and pushing the envelope with a well-honed, dark and brooding sound reminiscent of the modern day.

With a recent win as Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Hard Rock Artist of the Year, Imperial Fall is poised to release their most diverse and cohesive offering to date. From the throat choking track “Die Today,” featuring a guest vocal performance by Jahred of national recording artist Hed Pe, to the circle pit sing along anthem “Bounce,” hard rock and metal fans alike will have something truly unique to embrace.

Imperial Fall is the epitome of a band rooted in determination and persistence; performing as a finely tuned machine and continually working toward a groove that only occurs when energy is focused in solidarity.

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