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Hollow Intent

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Band Members

Will Baker - Vocals/Guitar

Wesley Seven - Guitar

Shane Noren - Bass

Mark Davis - Drums/Vocals

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Hard Rock


Wilmington, North Carolina


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Hollow Intent is a hard rock/metal band based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. Riff heavy, high energy, and super dynamic, the band is making its presence very well known.


Hollow Intent began when guitarist, Will Baker, and drummer, Mark Davis, started jamming together and the chemistry was undeniable. Shortly after, they brought on bassist, Shane Noren and guitarist, Wesley Seven and began developing an intense sound to holster relentless and seemingly endless supply of hook and groove driven riffs they had at their disposal.


They've created their own breed of infectious, hard rock and metal, with a touch of groove, similar to late 90’s Rock/Metal. In August of 2018, they released their debut EP, “Monster” that featured their hit single, “Burn,” being compared to large names like Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin. In May 2019, the group was nominated for 2019 Carolina Music Award's Best Rock Group and Best Rock Male for Will Baker. More recently, they were announced as part of the line-up for Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2020 that includes bands such as Sevendust, Static-X, August Burns Red, and more.


In March 2020, they released their latest single, “Superhero” that was complimented by their debut music video, filmed by cinematographer extraordinaire, Jaiden Frost. Their most recent single release May 15th called, “Machine” shows the heavy-hitting side of the band. Laden with groove riffs and a powerful message, this song tells people to not conform to what society wants you to be. It tells you to be bold, be different, and no one can stop you from doing that.

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