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Band Members

Brandon (Panda)

Robby (Mexican Torpedo)
Joe C
Sam (El Pup)
Joe Sidhu (Indy)


Houston, Tx


Alternative Rock


Label, Publicist, Management, Bookings

EverGlaze is a local Houston band and was formed at the end of 2017, by brothers Brandon and Robby Mesarina. Influenced by artists ranging from Spice Girls to Led Zeppelin, they seek to incorporate various styles into one cohesive and audibly satisfying sound. Joined by the flaming fingers of Sam on lead guitar, the everlasting riffs of Robby on rhythm guitar, the hard hitting drums of Brandon aka "Panda", the spidered hand Joe C on bass, and the range blasting vocals of Indy; EverGlaze seeks a place in rock history and in the souls of all music lovers.

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