Band Members

Brandon (Panda)

Robby (Mexican Torpedo)
Adrian (Ian)
Sam (El Pup)
Joe Sidhu (Indy)

EverGlaze is a local Houston band formed at the end of 2017 by brothers Brandon and Robby Mesarina. Influenced by artists ranging from Spice Girls to Led Zeppelin, they seek to incorporate various styles into one cohesive and audibly satisfying sound.

Everglaze is lead guitarist, Sam Gomez, Adrian, (aka Ian), on rhythm guitar and keys, the hard hitting drums of Brandon, (aka "Panda"), Robert Mesarina on bass, and the range blasting vocals of Indy.   EverGlaze seeks a place in rock history and in the souls of all music lovers.

Within their first 10 sold-out shows, Everglaze played everywhere from Houston to Chicago, "¡OtraFest!" in Corpus Christi, and finally in San Antonio. They released their first 2 singles in 2019 that have spread over 24 countries in just over 6 months. In the little amount of time since both songs released, opportunities have blossomed in their favor.  Watch for Everglaze to release their full EP in 2020. 

The band has been fortunate to make friends along the way such as GTS owner Jay Roth, the talk show legend "Outlaw" Dave and his manager Juan Ocañas, Matthew Cranley of Blackbox Studios, Alt Revu and Jonah from Bridging the Music,  Sebastian Cure, owner of White Room Studios,  Brian Baker, owner of Sound Arts Recording, along with Travis Street, Matthew Chevalier and his partner Shannon.


Although Everglaze has enjoyed playing at various venues with other amazing bands, nothing would have  been accomplished without the support from all our friends and fans along the way.

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