(Unsigned  or Recently Signed Original Bands, Tribute Bands, Cover Bands)

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Bandivious is the Platform for Unsigned or Recently Signed Rock Bands.  Whether you're an originals band, a cover band or tribute band, we've got room for you right here.  

You'll be listed by State - City - Genre and categorized as an Original, Cover or Tribute band.  We want to make it easy for the industry, fans and live music venues to find you.  

You will be automatically promoted globally to over 1400 of our industry partners, which includes PR, Management, Labels, Booking Agents and Live Music Venues! 

We want your music to be heard by the masses!  Artists and musicians need instant access to the industry, without breaking their own banks before profits happen.

Bandivious is not intended to replace your current PR team.  Bandivious was created by musicians for musicians, to help promote music on a global level.  We were designed to work as an extremely efficient and affordable adjunct to your current PR and Management team. 


There's never a contract with Bandivious. 


Fee:  $6.99 per month, no contract!

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