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Bandivious is the Platform for Unsigned and Newly Signed Rock Bands.  We want Rock Music shouting out with a commanding voice, after so many legends have paved the way for Rock 'n Roll music. Rock musicians need instant access to the industry, without breaking their own banks before any profit shows up. Investing is good, starving is not. Bandivious is created by musicians for musicians, to help promote Rock music on a global level. Bandivious now also brings you Bandivious Radio, an independent internet radio site with over 200,000 listeners each month, and growing. 

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Bandivious is only $14.99 a month, with a million views through
Tru Rock Revival Magazine, a subscriber base of over 600,000.
We are committed to charity, and contributing to groundbreaking Research.
That's why 30% of the fee you pay goes to a charity of your Band's choice.
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